Flag Football Rules


Team Rules

  • 8 on 8 man league. To start game each week a minimum of 7 players must be present from your finalized roster.  Any less will result in a forfeit.
  • Turf shoes or sneakers only on indoor field.  No metal spiked Cleats.  Teams will receive a $25 fine for any players who are found wearing cleats on the field.
  • Teams must wear shirts/jerseys with the same color.
  • All rosters must be finalized and league dues paid by week 2.
    • Failure to not pay by deadline will result in forfeits until paid in full.
    • Games played with players not on final roster after week 2 will result in forfeit.
  • All players must wear flags except lineman. In the case a lineman possesses the ball he will be down by one hand touch.
  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times and flags must be uncovered at all times. Flags must be a different color from the players shorts. Referees will check shirts prior to the snap to ensure they are tucked in. If a player is warned a second time the team will receive a sideline warning and be awarded a 5 yard penalty. Flags but be on your hips and uncovered.


    • Swearing (10yd penalty), 2nd offense ejection from game.
  • After each play the ball must be brought back to the line of scrimmage by the offensive player.
  • NO arguing with officials.
    • This will result in a 10 yard penalty.
    • And/or ejection from the game and suspension from the next game with a $50 fine.
  • Fighting will immediately result in ending of game.
  •  In the event of a player conflict/fight, and the benches or other teammates on field involve themselves:
    • The game will immediately end regardless of score
  • Players involved in fight will be suspended for next game and pay a $50 fine.
  • LOWERING SHOULDER and/or HEAD will NOT be allowed.  (10yd penalty)
  • Intentional Hands to face will not be allowed.
    • 10 yard penalty for offense and loss of down.
    • 10 yard penalty for defense and automatic 1st down.



  • 3 down line man on all snaps, on the line of scrimmage.  (5yd penalty)
  • Center must snap ball between legs on all snaps and be in the center of the linemen.  On the snap, if the ball contacts the ground play can continue if the QB cleanly scoops the ball.  If the ball is hit by the QD and dropped, the ball is dead.
  • 2 or 3 point stance allowed
  • Center can not go out for a pass.
  • If either guard goes out for a reception, the player must immediately be replaced by another receiver on the field.  (5 yd penalty)
  • Receivers must align outside of the lineman.  (5 yd penalty)
  • Must be at least one receiver on both sides of the ball. (5yd penalty). You must have at least two backs in the backfield as long as there are two receivers on the line.
    • RB can be counted as a receiver to one side of the ball and be in backfield as long as the player is outside the box.
  • Offense may shift formation or put one player in motion at a time.


  • QB may run the ball once per four downs.  (5 yd penalty and loss of down)
  • Passer may jump to throw to pass the ball and it has to leave his hands.
  • RB may run all four downs.
  • “flea flicker” is allowed.
  • One lateral behind the line of scrimmage can be attempted. Ball will be dead if ball hits ground.
  • A forward pass may be attempted after a successful lateral behind the line of scrimmage.  (forward lateral 5 yd penalty)
  • Offensive ball carrier not passing may not dive or jump to advance ball.  (dead ball at spot of foul)
  • QB may intentionally ground ball once outside the pocket. If in pocket the ball must be thrown within 5 yards of intended receiver. (5yd penalty and loss of down.)
  • Intentional grounded while QB is in end zone will result in a safety.
  • One foot inbounds constitutes as a catch.

    • Offensive pass interference (10yd penalty)
    • Chop blocks (10yd penalty and loss of down)
    • Offensive Holding (5yd penalty)
    • False start (5yd penalty)
    • If a receiver gets pushed out of bounds in the air by a defender (10yd penalty)


    • 3 down lineman aligned heads up.  (5 yd penalty)
    • 1 blitz per four downs  (5 yd penalty)
    • 3 point stance for linemen (5 yd penalty)
    • Noseguards only in a 3 point stance
    • Players rushing the passer who are not replaced, may only drop back 5 yards after they have crossed the line of scrimmage.
    • Linemen may “stunt” without engaging first.
    • Once the offense hands off the ball, the offensive player can be pursued by all defensive players.
    • Defense may dive for flags.
    • Defense may raise hands to deflect a pass from the passer as long as there is no contact. Rusher must then go for the flags. (5 yd penalty and automatic 1st down for roughing the QB)
    • Defense may not have contact with the quarter back while the ball is in the QB’s hands while behind the line of scrimmage. If the QB has possession of the ball and his flags are taken it is considered a sack. (10yd penalty and automatic first down.)
    • Defensive pass interference (spot foul and automatic 1st down. Ball will be spotted on 1 yard line of foul occurs in end zone)
    • Offsides (5yd penalty)  If a d-lineman jumps offside prior to the snap, but gets back behind the line and does not interfere with the play, the offense can choose to continue with the play.   Offensive false start is a dead ball.
    • Defensive holding of receiver/rb/qb (5yd penalty and automatic 1st down)
    • Defensive holding on linemen will result in a 5 yd penalty and repeat down.
    • There is to be no extension of the arms during downfield blocking prior to contact.
    • The defensive player is allowed to jam one time in 5 yards off the receiving player.
    • Ad the ball is in the air, both the receiver and the defensive player have to play the ball, face garding is illegal.


    • NO STRIPPING THE BALL once player has established control of the ball. (5yd penalty)
    • NO STIFF ARM or FLAG GUARDING (5yd penalty)
    • Ball carrier can NOT be pushed out of bounds (5yd penalty)
    • Extending the arms will NOT advance ball.
    • Ball is considered dead off Netting.
    • When the ball is snapped, it may take one clean bounce before fielded by the QB. However, if the ball
      takes more than one bounce it is dead. If the ball bounces more that once in the endzone , the ruling
      will be a safety.


    • 1 or 2 pt conversion will take place after touchdown.
    • For an extra point, the first pole is considered for one point, and the second pole is for the 2 points.
    • All normal rules apply.
    • Only an interception can NOT be returned for points.


    • Each team will have a possession starting at midfield.
    • In the event of a 2nd overtime the order of possession switches.
    • Teams may go for 1 or 2 points after touchdown.
    • After 2nd overtime, the team that scores has to attempt a 2pt conversion.
    • Intercepted conversion is a dead ball. No points can be gained.


    • Duration of the game will be two (22) minute halves. Once the ball is set, the offence has 20 seconds to snap the ball. Failure to do so is a 5 yrd penalty.
    • Only Captains may call timeouts. Each team has two 30 second timeouts per game that can be used in either half.  If one is not used by the two minutes warning then this time out is forfeited.
    • Referee may stop clock to discuss previous play or injury or penalty.
    • The clock cannot end on a defensive penalty.  In the event that this occurs it will be a one-time play for the offense.
    • Clock will run with the exception of the last two minutes in the 2nd half or a timeout.
    • In the 2nd half the clock WILL stop inside of two minutes for the following.
      • Defensive penalty
      • Timeout
      • Incomplete pass
      • Offensive does not advance the ball. 
    • In the event, that a team is winning by more than 21 points, the clock will continue to run until the
      point differential reached less than 21 points.

    Standing Tie Breakers

    Standings will be determined by the following tie breakers when teams are tied for rank in the standings:

    • Head to Head results.
    • Point Differential.
    • Points Scored.
    • Points Allowed.
    • Coin Flip
    • Regular Season forfeit points will be determined by taking the mean points per game for the season of that team and using them to determine the points scored for a forfeit. If the team has a negative point differential then they will get 6 points.

    Play Off Rules

    All regular season rules apply with the exception of the following:

    Time limit will be two 22 minute halves.