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Youth Football
Youth Flag Eligible Instructional League
This league is held on Sundays between 12pm-3pm
Ages 5-7 or Flag Eligible Children can participate
The league is umpired by the coaches and coaches can provide on field instruction during scrimmage play
8 v 8 League for number of participants
Teams need to supply their own flag belts
You can register as a team or individual players and we will assign you a team
Wear turf shoes or sneakers, molded cleats not allowed
Hour times slots per team are given based on the scrimmage schedule
Adult Men’s Flag Football
8 v 8  League with standings and play offs
Standing are determined by league wins and then points scored
Must be 18 years or older to play in the league
Flag belts are supplied
Games are two (20) minute halves
No molded cleats allowed
Indoor Flag rules are posted on the website
League is held Sunday nights between 7pm-10pm
League is provided with 2 umpires on the field
For any questions, pricing or to register teams to football league contact Sarah at 724-7117 or