Lessons and Practices

Private/Group lessons for Soccer, Baseball and Football  –  This would include a private one on one lesson with a facility staff for a half hour or full hour session.  The lessons focus on techniques and repitition such as proper mechanics, techniques and body mechanics.  Baseball lessons include batting, pitching, fielding, pitching and catching to work on stance, body mechanics movement in baseball.  Soccer lessons include dribbling, shooting, passing, and ball control techiniques to improve basic ball control and handing skills.  These lessons are focused on refining techinique and muscle memory for coordination.  Lessons are available based on the availability of the instructors.

League Practices –  The facility offers field availability for practice sessions for any sport.  Its two large and one small turf fields allow an alternative to practice during the winter months.  We can accommodate group practices for baseball, softball, soccer, football, field hockey, etc.  We have field hockey and soccer goals available.  Group pricing is based on availability.