How Does Motorcycle Intercom Work? Bring A Better Experience

Riding on a motorcycle is just one of the best feelings worldwide. But visualize having the ability to pay attention to songs as well as communicate with your co-riders also. You could be believing, exactly how does motorcycle intercom work? So if you have not currently taken the plunge and got a Bluetooth Intercom, you need to read this.
This guide will certainly discuss how it functions and also why it is a good financial investment for your bike. Figure out how you can enhance the riding experience on your own as well as your travelers. A Bluetooth Motorbike Intercom might take your motorcycle ride to the next level.

What Are Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercoms?

You might know a little bit about Bluetooth Motorbike Intercoms. Yet you may be vague about exactly how they work in practice. It is a Digital Cordless Communication System that you can make use of while you are riding.
Well, all of it boils down to short-range networking innovation, which utilizes radio waves. There is a selection of regularities and also systems you can use. Yet everything depends on the type of item or brand name that you acquire.
Out of all the ones on the market, Bluetooth devices are the most prominent. A Bluetooth Intercom lets you speak with other motorcyclists in your motorcycle team. Or a conversation with your family and friends. You can likewise pay attention to your favorite song as you travel along the road.

How Does Motorcycle Intercom Work And Different Types Do

A group of motorcyclists riding on the road

Essentially there are 3 main kinds of intercom: Rider, Rider + Passenger, and Rider-to-Rider


An intercom for a solitary user used just to connect with your phone or sat-nav tool.
A single motorcyclist system is best for commuters and also solo riders, offering you the bare necessities of a Bluetooth headset and dropping the communication includes you most likely won’t utilize. You will certainly have the ability to get sat-nav instructions, pay attention to songs, along with make as well as take call for a much-reduced cost point.
If you’re brand-new to helmet intercoms, this is a great place to start and also to give you a cup of what they have to offer prior to devoting to something with a bigger price tag.


An intercom for two individuals to communicate on the same bike, and to get in touch with your phone or sat-nav gadget.
This sort of intercom offers the same features as a solitary rider system, yet the highlight below is the capacity to connect close-range with your pillion as well as is excellent for any type of pair taking a trip with each other.
No more will you have to figure out hand signals, coat pulls, and also just ordinary shouting to every other. With these units, you can in fact have a normal conversation with each other about the next stop, fascinating factors in your trip, or mere catch-up with exactly how bewildering that last episode of Tiger King was …


An intercom to get in touch with us multiple motorcyclists approximately 1.2 miles away, and to get in touch with your phone or sat-nav gadget.
Conversely described as ‘Bike-to-Bike’, a Rider-to-Rider Bluetooth intercom permits its customer to engage with various other bikers from a range, so is best for riding groups and excursions. Various brand names and items utilize a variety of systems as well as frequencies to get in touch with each other.

How Do Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercoms Operate In Practice?

3 riders who are on a motorcycle trip are sharing the road conditions
3 riders who are on a motorcycle trip are sharing the road conditions

You could have already made use of Bluetooth on your smartphone. As an example, to transfer an image or file to someone else. Bluetooth Bike Intercoms work similarly. It is as basic as pairing your Bluetooth with the Bluetooth of someone or something else.
Of all the wireless interaction systems, Bluetooth is the most prominent for motorcyclists. It takes in minimal power and is basic to make use of when you have it established. Riders find it is very easy to control even with their handwear covers on. Voice activation likewise adds an additional safety element as it can minimize distractions.
Although the range can be restrictive with Bluetooth, there are choices to prolong the array. Below are the major methods by which you can make use of Bluetooth Intercoms with your motorcycle.

1.Connecting Your Bluetooth Intercom With GPS

There is absolutely nothing even more aggravating than getting shed on a trip. You can lose useful time, as well as it can damage your riding experience.
Thankfully, you can attach a motorcycle general practitioner navigating system to your Bluetooth Intercom. This link enables you to obtain voice instructions without fiddling with any type of switch.
This Bluetooth Connection can assist if you:
– Get lost during your ride, and also require to locate your existing place.
– Desired some thorough instructions for a location.
– Do not intend to quit your journey and also check out a map.
– Intend to listen to instructions, rather than considering a general practitioner tool.

2. Exactly How Do Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercoms Deal With Smartphones?

In some cases, it behaves to go on a lengthy flight and also detach from our hi-tech globe. However, there could be an emergency or other immediate issue when you must reply to a phone call.
A wireless telecommunications system provides you a direct connection with the globe in case you need it. Bluetooth also has some extra functions that you can make use of.
With Bluetooth innovation, you can:
– Run your mobile phone, receiving or making phone calls with voice activation.
– Have private conversations without anybody listening in.
– Never miss a crucial phone call.
– Play your favorite songs from your smart device to the audio speakers in your headgear.
– Have an integrated FM stereo (most Bluetooth headsets have this).

3. Utilizing Bluetooth Intercoms Between Headsets

This location is just one of the most interesting advantages of Bluetooth Motorbike Intercoms. It can supply straight interaction between headsets. This communication is great if you take a trip a great deal with a pillion. You will find this specifically valuable when you see something remarkable on your ride. You will have the ability to inform your guest, as opposed to attempting to shout at them versus the wind.
The Interaction System can:
– Assist you to communicate with a pillion on long trips.
– Offer clear-sounding conversation with a guest, like getting on a telephone.
– Let you stream music to their speakers to ensure that you can delight in the exact same songs.
– Come in handy in an emergency to alert each other to any prospective problems.

4. How Do Bluetooth Motorbike Intercoms Work In Groups?

If you like riding your motorcycle in a group, a Bluetooth Intercom can be indispensable. It can be difficult to organize groups at the best of times. On a Motorcycle, it can be much more difficult.
The Bluetooth Intercom can aid you:
– Have conversations in real-time with other bikers in your team.
– Tell your group if have any type of engine troubles or need to make a course change.
– Communicate with your group without having to stop during the flight.
– Train various other bikers by riding behind them as well as providing suggestions on the intercom.

How Do Bluetooth Motorbike Intercoms Work In Fact?

Two motorcycle riders are enjoying riding in the suburbs
Two motorcycle riders are enjoying riding in the wild

A Bluetooth Intercom is a superb enhancement to your Motorcycle. Yet there are a few other points you need to think about prior to you go straight in advance as well as get one. Right here are several of the areas that you must consider to make sure that you select the best Intercom System for you.

1. Managing the Sound Top Quality

Bluetooth Intercom Systems normally provide the best sound high quality for a motorcycle. Yet it is worth bearing in mind that you are still in an outdoor environment. You are traveling at speed, as well as the much faster you go, the audio top quality will most likely lower. So you can hear your co-riders and communicate with them. There are some extra attachments you can purchase that will certainly make a massive difference.
Look for the adhering to attributes when you pick a brand-new intercom:
– Noise-reducing abilities.
– Wind and engine sound decrease.
Digital signal processing(DSP).
When you intend to buy a Bluetooth Intercom to listen to music, you require to examine that the intercom has favorable evaluations for voice and also music quality. The song’s audio will never be as clear as a song’s system when you are resting in the house. But there are some options, such as the Fodsports brand name intercoms, that have top-notch audio.

2. Push-To-Talk and Voice Activation

You need to choose if you choose a push-to-talk or voice-activated intercom. Some individuals like to have push-to-talk for reliability. Whereas voice-activated intercoms likewise have a benefit. They can go to non-active mode otherwise utilized for a set amount of time. This idle setting is prominent as it can conserve battery.

3. A Headset for Both Ears Or One Ear

Choosing a headset for one or both ears may appear a bit insignificant. Yet it can make a massive difference. Some people favor having a one-ear headset as it is more convenient. This preference has a tendency to be due to the fact that it is easier to listen to if someone beeps their horn at you. Whereas, a headset for both ears can assist with the volume of the headset. The audio volume can occasionally be an issue with intercoms, which counters any kind of potential loss of audio.

4. Making a decision Where To Fix Your Intercom

A Helmet Equipped With A Bluetooth Intercom Is Placed On The Motorcycle
A Helmet Equipped With A Bluetooth Intercom

Determining where to fix your intercom also needs some major consideration. It can be a stand-alone system or an intercom install. You can put intercoms directly on your ears, clipped to the belt or bike, or installed on the headgear.
All universal systems that fit a safety helmet are, most of the time, fixed with a sticky pad or clamp. These are one of the most preferred kinds of intercom and, generally, the most convenient to use. It is best to pick the one that feels one of the most comfortable when you ride. They usually include a microphone and a collection of audio speakers.
If you purchase one more safety helmet, you can transfer a Bluetooth Intercom without any difficulty as they are universal. You will find most helmets under $150 are Bluetooth-compatible. Once in a while, they might not have a Bluetooth device inside them. When this takes place, you will certainly need to purchase the Bluetooth System separately if you do not have one already.

5. Utilizing A Pre-Installed Bluetooth Headgear

If you still don’t like the idea of transferring your Bluetooth Intercom to another safety helmet. You might use a pre-installed Bluetooth Helmet. These headgears have Bluetooth hardware incorporated during the design procedure.
The majority are “ready to wear” out of the box as well as need no setup. Helmets in the rate series of $150-$ 350 usually have integrated Bluetooth speakers. It is sometimes worth paying a bit a lot more for the benefit of the integration. You can pay anything from $350 to $1,000 for a motorcycle headgear with the most effective Bluetooth integration.
As discussed before, the higher-end headgears function right out of the package. These helmets are light-weight in construction and also made from products like carbon fiber. The layout features can make them extra comfortable due to the fact that they are less cumbersome than less costly designs.
Some different Bluetooth headsets have a higher range than inbuilt safety helmet systems. Likewise, some have an extra extended battery life. So it is worth double-checking every little thing before you commit yourself as well as buy something.

6. The Variety Is An Essential Variable

The array is not as vital if you plan to utilize the motorcycle intercom to just speak with a traveler. But, if you are riding in a city or with bigger teams, you will certainly need much more range. Generally, if you remain in a tiny team or are doing open-country riding, a range of 500 yards would certainly suffice.
One of the issues of wireless intercoms is that items can decrease the variety. For example, if you get separated in a city with a co-rider. You could not have the ability to interact with them because of the buildings. Yet, you can extend arrays when you integrate Bluetooth with various other innovations.

Recommended Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom

Now that you understand how Bluetooth motorcycle intercoms work. Also, the areas you need to consider before buying them. Here are a few examples of popular Bluetooth Intercoms on the market recommended and what they can offer a rider.
FODSPORTS is a professional company dedicated to outdoor cycling, and have a professional research and development group from all over the world who are mainly focus on motorcycle intercoms. It has been tested by the global market and sold 80000 units every year, received numerous praises from motorcycle users around the world, especially in Japan and the United States. At the same time, its after-sales service is recognized as very good and will solve any problems you have with Motorcycle Bluetooch Intercom.

M1s pro – 8 riders intercom within 2000M, high sound quality, easy to operate

Fodsports M1S pro Bluetooth Intercom 8 riders intercom within 2000M, high sound quality, easy to operate
Fodsports M1S pro Bluetooth Intercom

As the main product of the FODSPORTS. M1-S Pro is equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 version, supports 8 riders group communication and intercom range is up to 2000m, the maximum effective communication distance between two motorcycles is about 500m.

The main advantages of M1s plus considered :

  • 2000M Maximum Distance
  • Support 8 Riders Group Intercom
  • Crystal-Clear Sound Quality & Handsfree
  • Noise Reduction & Waterproof
  • Long Standby Battery & Removable Metal Clip
  • After pairing you can use music, phone, navigation, voice control, group intercom function
  • Can be paired with other brand intercoms, high compatibility

M1s plus -Share The Same Music with Riders, microphone mute function

Fodsports M1-S PLUS -Share The Same Music with Riders, microphone mute function
Fodsports M1-S Plus Bluetooth Intercom

Do you want to listen to the same song with your motorcycle companion? Based on feedback from many motorcycle enthusiasts, we understand that you may need this need. FODSPORTS engineers spent a year developing this feature, and now it successfully launched this feature now! This is a rare feature configuration on the market. It can listen to a song between two M1S Plus units at the same time! This is a great thing!

In addition, M1s Plus is considered to have the following advantages:

  • You want to mute/unmute anytime
  • High-fidelity music, face-to-face phone call experience
  • Built-in FM, real-time entertainment
  • 900 mAh battery, impressive all-day endurance
  • Voice dial – for your safety
  • Dust-resistant & water-resistant
  • Interchangeable boom mic & soft-wired mic – adapt to various types of helmets
  • While riding in a group, a Bluetooth headset for a motorcycle allows you to connect with 7 other riders. You can hear and speak with each other meanwhile, sounds like a conference call. Once the rider drops out of range, he only needs to press the intercom button to reconnect and back to the conversation.

BT-S3Bluetooth Headset Intercom Wireless Interphone To 2-3 Riders

Fodsports BT-S3 Bluetooth Intercom To 2-3 Riders
Fodsports BT-S3 Bluetooth Intercom To 2-3 Riders

FODSPORTS BT-S3 is targeted at customers with limited budgets or junior players who are new to motorcycle intercoms, it has high-cost performance and must be a good choice, allowing you to spend a small budget to get enough functions and performance.BT-S3 is the upgraded version of BT-S2, with better sound quality and more functions. It has been tested by the market and sold 120,000 units in four years, and has performed well in the global market, especially in Europe and the United States.

Considered by consumers to have the following advantages:

  • Super loud volume and better sound quality, 40mm upgraded speakers
  • Super battery life
  • Handsfree Function, You can use voice commands like Siri or Google assistant to free your hands, make a call, or GPS.
  • Big Button, Even if you wear gloves, you can easily manipulate them.
  • Powerful and convenient functions

In Summary

You can produce the ultimate journey when you use a trustworthy Bluetooth Intercom gadget. It can enhance your riding experience in many methods.

In the event of an emergency or vital phone call, you are contactable. You can also utilize voice-activated innovation to make and also obtain any telephone call. With GPS links, you will never ever get shed once again or have to pull over and combat your map.

A Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom is versatile as well as easy to use. It allows you to communicate, navigate, and also pay attention to music, all in one functional device. So even if you are the largest technophobe in the world, you can use it with no anxiety.

If you want to buy one for yourself or your family and friends, please click Fodsports’s official website for more product information: